Smart Markdowns

Boost your revenue by 17% with Smart Markdowns

Transform your markdown strategy with the power of artificial intelligence, enhancing profits and sustainability.

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Retailers using Smart Markdowns

Are you losing money using one-size-fits-all discounts?

Establish consistent markdowns for better discount results

Without a streamlined markdown process it's easy to undersell high-demand items or overprice slow-moving ones. This lack of consistency can eat into your profits.

It's expensive to treat all products the same

A canned soda and a piece of gourmet cheese aren't the same, so why would their discounts be? Our algorithm creates optimal discounts for each individual product, enhancing sales and minimizing waste.

Are you ready to work smarter? Let us show you how.

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Smart markdowns solves your markdown challenges

Maximise your profits

Our markdown system intelligently calculates the optimal discount for each product, ensuring maximum profitability. On average you get 17% more revenue from soon-to-expire products.

Take away guesswork and empower colleagues

Empower your team with the ability to make data-driven discount decisions, eliminating the risk of human error and guesswork.

Make an impact by reducing food waste

By setting the optimal markdown you make sure the products get sold, not wasted.

You are guaranteed to get the best discount for the goods. It makes it super easy for all employees to markdown expiring products.

- Daniel Nielsen, Store Owner, Spar Stoholm

Spar Denmark

150+ stores in Denmark increased their revenue with Smart Markdowns

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increase in sales value on markdowns

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Curious to know how it works?

To calculate the optimal discount while still maximising profits and minimising waste, the algoritm takes a number of things into account

Historic sales and waste data

The algoritm learns how products perform in your store and uses that information when calculating the correct markdowns.

Discount Elasticity

By examining how consumers respond to discounts we ensure that each markdown attract buyers and benefits your bottom line.

Number of products

Product volume plays a big role in markdown decisions. More items left to on the shelves means larger markdowns.

Get even more value by using our full End-to-End solution

Smart Markdowns is just one component of a larger product family. Here are the other family members.

Advanced Date Checking

Easily track all expiration dates and get prompted when you need to check a product

Product Marketing

Promote waste offers automatically and communicate your sustainability efforts to consumers in the store

Donation Platform

A semi-automatic donation platform that manages donations to charities and ensure you follow regulations

Business Intelligence

Get insights on products, waste and compliance. Ensure compliance but also manage your waste proactively.


Can I use Smart Markdowns in the whole store?
The solution can be used throughout the store. In departments where Whywaste is used for date checking, it will automatically be part of the daily work. But you can also use Smart Markdowns on products that's not included in your date checking rounds as well. The solution can also be used in stores that do not use Advanced Date Checking.
Can I use Smart Markdowns if I'm not using other Whywaste solutions?
Yes, the solution can be used through the app in stores that do not use our date checking system.
How long will it take until I see results?
You can expect to see results from day one of using Smart Markdowns. Return on investment is often less than a month.
Does the system take a lot of time and IT resources to implement?
We have specifically designed our software to be easy to use and stand alone in piloting phases. It only requires minimal input from IT departments. Reach out to us and we'll give you the specifics.

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