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Retailers using Advanced Date checking

Do you check all fresh products every week?

If you’re not using an app to check your dates, you probably have to check expiration dates on every single product, often several times a week. That means you waste time checking the ones not even close to expire.  

Our date checking app keep track of your expiration dates for you. You’ll get a daily list of products that need actions today, and can then focus on more important tasks.

Are you finding expired products on your shelves?

When you leave the date checking in the hands of humans there’s bound to be mistakes made. There is no way your colleagues have the time to check every item properly. And let’s be honest, it’s a boring and repetitive task. Missing a product or two is only human, but it’s not gonna make your customers happy.

With our smart app you’ll reduce the risk of expired items in the shelves due to human factors. The app is very user-friendly which makes it easy to onboard new personnel in your routines.

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Here's how it works

Each department get a daily round with prompted products to check

The person responsible gets a round that covers their department with products to check on a daily basis. Using different departments allows multiple people to use the system at the same time.

Store colleagues checks a list of products that might expire

The app prompts a colleague with products to check. They go to each product to see if the expiring product needs an action, such as a markdown. If that product already sold they update the system with the next shortest expiration date.  It is laid out in a way that mirrors the store layout, so they don’t have to walk back and forth.

Follow recommended actions until the list is completed

Once the daily date check is done the store worker can feel confident and reassured that everything is under control. All the products that was at risk has now been acted on in time to get sold instead of wasted.

The staff no longer have to keep track of soon to expire items. The systems handle this automatically

- Markus Wahlgren, Store Manager, Stora Coop Visby

Stora Coop, Visby

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Getting started is easy

Your store layout is mirrored in the app

This lets our system know the placement of each product, making the date checking process as efficient as possible for store colleagues. Switching the placement of a product is just as easy.

The last time you’ll have to check all products

This step of the setup consist of you doing an ordinary date check round in the store. The only difference is that you also add the closest expiration date for the products in the app. That’s it, now you never have to check all expiration dates again.

That’s it. Get ready to spend less time checking dates

While initial inventory takes some time, it‘s a one time job. Colleagues updates the system with new shortest dates while doing date checks. We use your data to automatically add any new SKUs to the assortment and ask colleagues to input the shortest expiration date.

Get even more value by using our full End-to-End solution

Advanced Date Checking is just one component of a larger product family. Here are the other family members.

Smart Markdowns

Manage markdowns in one app when checking dates. Get the most from markdowns using our discount engine

Product Marketing

Promote waste offers automatically and communicate your sustainability efforts to consumers in the store

Donation Platform

A semi-automatic donation platform that manages donations to charities and ensure you follow regulations

Business Intelligence

Get insights on products, waste and compliance. Ensure compliance but also manage your waste proactively.

Hardware Integration

Working seamlessly with your existing hardware

We work with retailers across the whole world. They all use different hardware, for different purposes. Our solutions works for all of them. So you can be safe that all our soultions will work with your existing hardware, be it ESLs, Zebra Handhelds or label printers.


How do you add all the dates to the date checking system?
Expiration dates are currently not in the standard barcode. So you need to do an initial (one time only) inventory/date check. This is essentially a thorough date check of the assortment as you usually do. But you also add the expiration date to the application. When new SKUs arrive, store colleagues are automatically prompted to add an expiration date.
What if a product is out of stock?
You tell the app that a product is out of stock with the click of a button. In a couple of days you’ll be prompted to see if a new batch has arrived. Your inventory data can also be used to alert you automatically when products are back in stock.
Do I need to scan products on delivery?
No, only the closest expiration date on the shelves is needed in the app. When store colleagues check expiration dates they update them with a new shortest expiration date.
Does the system take a lot of time and IT resources to implement?
We have specifically designed our software to be easy to use and stand alone in piloting phases. It only requires minimal input from IT departments.
Will the system really work in my chain?
We currently work with more than 40 retailers in 17 different countries of all types and sizes. So far we haven't come across any retail chain where our solution couldn't be implemented.
How long will it take until I see results?
You should expect results from day 1 with our solutions. The payback time is often less than a month for the cost.
Is the system available in my local language?
Whywaste software is available in many languages today, and can with notice be translated into a local common language.

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