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September 11, 2017

Winners of the SACC New York-Deloitte Green Award

We are very glad and honoured for having received the SACCNY-Deloitte Green Award for our work of reducing food waste. The price ceremony took place at the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce's yearly Sustainology Summit, in Citigroup's headquarters in New York Tuesday November 7.

The jury's motivation:

“With an innovative and easy-to-use solution for the food industry, Whywaste has shown great potential in decreasing the amount of food waste, contributing to both sustainability and profitability in the food industry” - Andreas Marcetic, Partner, Deloitte AB

We applaud the decision, by SACCNY and partners, to focus this years summit on the tackling of global environmental problems associated with the food industry. SACCNY fills an important role when it comes to building relationships, as well as enabling knowledge sharing between Swedish and American companies and organisations. In the daily stream of gloomy environmental news, the Sustainology summit sparked hope and inspiration for how we can achieve positive change together. We would like to thank SACC New York and Deloitte for a well organised summit, as well as the speakers and participants who contributed to making this a great day. Special thanks to the moderator Nina Ekelund from the Haga Initiative and the organisers at SACC New York Anna Throne-Holst, Jennie Purushothaman, Julia Grönstedt and Yasmina Backström. Link to SACC New York: Sustainology Presents: Whywaste - the winners of the SACCNY-Deloitte Green Award 2017

Annika Hellenberg

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