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March 3, 2021

Whywaste and Coop Sweden enter central agreement to reduce waste from Deli counters

As the next step on Coop Sweden’s journey towards zero waste and more efficient work processes, the food retailer has entered into a Sweden-wide framework agreement for Whywaste’s solution ‘Semafor Deli’ – a quality assurance and waste prevention system for deli counters.

Deli counter of the future

During the last few years, Coop has put a great deal of effort into their deli counters, with initiatives ranging from major assortment to improved supply chain management. As a part of the work towards the “deli counter of the future”, Coop has also looked into solutions that can improve the daily work for the personnel on the counters while simultaneously reducing the food waste – and this is where Whywaste comes into the picture.

Whywaste’s solution Semafor Deli helps the personnel work more efficiently and keep track of all areas of the deli counter, while also ensuring that all food safety requirements are met. Furthermore, the system alerts personnel if there are any products on the counter that are at risk of becoming waste so that the personnel can take proactive, preventative, measures.

Semafor Deli is the benchmark solution when it comes to time saving, quality assurance and sustainability. It is widely used as the solution for deli counters within the industry and the counters that use the system have been able to reduce their waste by up to 30%. Staffan Fri, responsible for deli counters at Coop Sweden has been driving the “deli of the future” project at the retailer: ”For Coop, this collaboration is an important part in our work to keep developing our deli counters and a prerequisite for enabling us to offer our customers the market’s best deli-experience”.

Whywaste agrees and is optimistic for the new collaboration: We are happy that Coop chooses Whywaste and Semafor Deli in their journey towards the deli counter of the future. I have personally long experience from working in a deli counter and know how much time and effort that is spent on administrative work to guarantee food safety as well as reduce waste – and I know that Semafor Deli really will be of significant help here, says Henrik Folkelid, Product Manager for Semafor Deli, Whywaste

About Coop

Coop is one of Sweden’s largest food retailers, delivering an affordable, sustainable food experience and has more than 800 stores ranging from Katterjokk in the far north to Smygehamn in the south of the country. Coop has since 2008, been offering food shopping online and our store reaches more then 60% of the Swedish households with home delivery of Coop grocery bags which can also be collected in all stores. Coop is ranked among the top sustainable brands in Sweden and has the largest portion of sales of ecologic products in the industry. In total, Coop has a revenue in Sweden of 43 billion sek and has more than 22 000 co-workers.

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