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   – Published on
October 17, 2022

New website alert!

It’s actually been up for a while already but we still want to give it its minute to shine. Let's talk to our designer for a bit!

Johan Hammarman, Head of design (and the only designer) at Whywaste. What’s new on

Mostly some new pictures and a couple of new colours😜. But more importantly it reflects the development within the company and who we are better than before. We focus on the problems we solve for retailers and how our different products compliment each other. I think we’re getting more confident as we grow and our new design reflects that.

The side scroll is new, why did you go for that feature?

It’s used to highlight our End-to-End solution and show the benefits of each individual product and how the full E2E takes care of most challenges stores face day to day. We wanted to make it clear that this is a product family, switching to horizontal scrolling achieves this while also getting the visitor to react to the change. And I have to admit that it’s kinda fun to play around with too.

Are there any more changes we can look forward to?

We’re currently working on product pages for each of our solutions. Visitors will finally get more in depth information and be able to decide if our solutions are right for them. There will also be more focus on storytelling and getting to know us as a company and why we are doing what we’re doing. But I’m personally more excited about changing our headline font. Avenir Next Heavy is just too… heavy. No fat shaming here, it’s just the truth and it’s time we move on to something a bit lighter.

Fia Sjöström
Content Creator & Marketing specialist

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