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March 9, 2023

It's Food Waste Action Week: Win. Don't Bin!

One of the organisations leading the way in the fight against food waste is WRAP, the Waste and Resources Action Programme. This week is #foodwasteactionweek, it's a campaign that has been gaining momentum and attention from people all over the world and it aims to raise awareness about the issue of food waste and encourage people to take action to reduce it. This campaign is especially important as food waste is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

This year and in this moment in history the food waste issue is extra important to highlight. We're live in uncertain times, that is effecting most of us. The cost of living crisis, the climate change, the war on Ukraine, all of it is having a devastating impact on many many people, especially the poorest and most vulnerable. It's therefor more important than ever that we all do what we can, and reducing food waste is something all of us can do, pretty easily actually. It will not only help the planet, it will also help you save money and live smarter.

Go here, and see what you can do at your home or what your business can do to help the cause. And remember: Win. Don't bin!

Fia Sjöström
Content Creator & Marketing specialist

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