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April 6, 2023

Increased engagement in the food waste issue

As part of our ever ongoing research into food waste and the grocery industry we've seen how the engagement surrounding food waste has increased massively lately. It's of course partly driven by the environmental situation but it's now also driven by the finincial situation and therefore engaging a new group of people.

Food waste is huge on TikTok

Food waste related hashtags are huge on TikTok and facebook groups on the topic are bubbling with tips on which store has the best waste offers and smart waste recipes. It's not that surprising in this disrupted economy, that people need to hold on to every penny and make the most of what they got.

But let's not forget that this behavior is just living normally for many many people, now it's become relevant to a new demographic. Suddenly it affects a group of people that never have had to think in those lines before and it feels like it becomes something of a sport for some.

Bigger competition for the discounted food

This observation can imply both positive and negative things, but hopefully it will be most positive in the long run. It'll make it harder on the ones previously relying on buying discounted food that now has bigger competition. But it can also lead to grocery stores making more out of their discounts and make sure the food goes through the proper discount journey to get sold instead of binned. There are stores that actually saves money by binning food instead of keeping track and set proper discounts in due time. (If you are one of those stores, reach out to us and we can help you change this😉)

Sweden passed their overshoot day

Let's hope that this new found engagement sticks like glue, even when things get better again, cause we all need to do better. This week we reached our "overshoot day" here in Sweden. That means that we have already spent the resources for the entire year in early April and now we live on credit for the rest of the year. Read more about Earth overshoot day here.

So, keep on sharing all those tips and tricks about food waste and make sure this change become permanent.

Fia Sjöström
Content Creator & Marketing specialist

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