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November 9, 2022

How your stores can save 17% on markdowns with Smart Markdowns

Smart Markdowns is a strategy in which you set flexible discounts on products based on current market demands. There is of course money to be saved with , but it will also ensure a higher sell-through rate. In grocery retail that also means reduced food waste.

Common challenges in stores not using dynamic discounts

👎 Static discount for all type of products, based on category rules, central decisions or gut feeling

👎 No changes based on previous results

👎 Low/if any differentiation between number of units

👎 Significant value lost through no price discrimination

How our dynamic discount engine will help with these challenges

👍 User enters amount of products to mark down and gets the optimal discount value

👍 Optimal discount  set based on what’s the perfect reduction at that exact time with these amounts of products.

👍 Discount calculated to maximise sales value for the chain

Things the algorithm takes into account

✅ Historical product data, sell through and elasticity

✅ Store data like visitors, overall type of sales and weather

✅ Global data like sales trends in similar stores and categories, leverage of cross store data trends etc

You can save on average 17% on your markdowns by using our dynamic discounts tool. It can be used together with the other tools in our suite or completely stand alone as a mark down application.

If this feels like something for your business, just contact us at or book a demo here on our website and we will tell you more! Read more about the concept and history of dynamic pricing here.

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