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January 31, 2023

How do you get started with Whywaste's digital date checking?

Seeing is believing! Here is a crash course into how you get started with our digital date checking solution in your store. We have specifically designed our software to be easy to use and stand alone in piloting phases. It only requires minimal input from IT departments.

1. A mirror of your store layout is created in the app

This means that, during date checking, the system knows where in the store your products are located. And store colleagues will walk in the most efficient way when checking the products. No more going back and forth looking for the right product.

“In 15 years of delivering projects for ASDA, we have never had such good implementation, and positive feedback from the store teams” - Andrew Hudson, Waste Manager at Asda

2. One time inventory, adding the shortest expiration date

During setup, colleagues do an ordinary date check of the store. At the same time we add the closest expiration date for products on the shelf, which is then tracked by the system. Note that this is a one time effort, there’s no need to add expiration dates during deliveries. You only add the shortest date on the shelf, not all of them. While adding all expiration dates might seem like a good idea, it actually creates a lot of extra work. You’ll find yourself checking a lot of dates that has already been sold out.

3. That’s it. Get ready to spend less time checking dates

While initial inventory takes some time, it‘s a one time job. Colleagues updates the system with new shortest dates while doing date checks. We use your data to automatically add any new SKUs to the assortment and ask colleagues to input the shortest expiration date. By only adding the closest expiration date you’ll minimise your workload by not having to do as many checks.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you want to try our solution in your store! Email us at hello@whywaste.com, or book a demo here on the website.

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