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June 22, 2022

Food waste news Spring 2022

By 2030 the global food waste is supposed to be cut by half. As time flies by it is good to see that more countries adopts new food waste related laws. Here are some initiatives we felt was worth sharing from the last couple of months.

New food waste laws in Spain

Spain has adopted its first-ever anti-food waste law. Spain is in good company as we have seen more and more countries legislate against food waste recently. The regulations would mean that supermarkets get fined for throwing away surplus food by up to €60,000, or as high as €500,000 for repeat offenders. The new law would, among other things, include that restaurants are required to offer doggy bags for guests to take home.

Washington signed a new food waste bill

Washington state also signed a bill recently called, E2SHB 1799, and by that became the ninth state in the U.S to adopt laws or regulations with the objective to reduce food waste.

Empty your fridge - a recipe generator from Arla

Arla foods published a recipe generator where you can write what you have in your fridge that needs to be used and then generates a suitable recipe that you can make with those ingredients. Smart! It’s in Swedish only, but maybe you’re up for a challenge? Empty your fridge here.

Look, smell, taste. Don’t waste

Too good to go, the food surplus app, has teamed up with some of the world’s biggest food brands with the aim to re-classify how products should be labelled to prevent food waste. The campaign is called “Look, smell, taste. Don’t waste.” and urges people to trust their senses instead of blindly trust the expiry labels. The campaign also strives to educate customers on what the different labels really mean. Do you know the difference between the “Best before”- label and the “Use by”-label? Take their quiz here.

From Too Good To Go's campaign "Look, smell taste. Don't waste"
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