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June 16, 2022

Digital date checking - How does it work and why should you use it?

Many people think that food retailers are more digitally advanced than they are. In fact many stores still do a lot of work manually. Take date checking as an example. How do grocery stores make sure there are no expired products on their shelves? Many stores do this completely manual, with pen and paper. In 2022. Well, whatever floats your boat I guess, but another great idea is to digitise your date checking.


The old way of date checking means checking E V E R Y product in your store with an expiration date, everyday. A never ending chore. In a bigger store this can take a whole day. And as a bonus, it’s not even fun. There are several different suppliers of digital date checking out there. Some chains also have their own digital solutions. Going digital will save you time and time is money. It will also help you to reduce your food waste.


With our digital date checking solution you only get warnings when products are getting closer to their expiry date. This means that you only have to check the products that get warnings, and you’ll have a lot less products to check on your date checking round. When you find an item that is at risk of becoming waste, you will have found it early enough so you can take action. The product then comes to good use instead of becoming waste. To take action can mean, reduce the price, use it in the kitchen if you have one or you can donate it.

When Whywaste started back in 2016 we spoke to hundreds of store workers about their food waste related frustrations and challenges. It was clear that the first and most important piece of the puzzle had to be to digitise the date checking. So, if you want to reduce your food waste, save a lot of money and make the staff happy. You now know where to start.

Fia Sjöström
Content Creator & Marketing specialist

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