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May 25, 2022

5 ways to keep your food fresh at home

Here are a few tips on what you can do to make sure your food stays fresh for as long as possible. Some might seem obvious to you but everyone needs a reminder sometimes. Hopefully you'll learn something new!

Freeze it!

The fridge is the best tool to counteract food waste. Everything from meat and fish to vegetables are freezable.

Keep the right temperature

Sometimes products are marked with a recommendation on which temperature to keep it in. Food will in general last longer in a colder temperature. +4º is a good temperature for the refrigerator and -18º for the freezer.

Dry it!

Most people know that you can freeze mushrooms, but there are more products that can be dried with great results. Fresh herbs, vegetables and bread to make breadcrumbs for example. Fruit makes for healthy and tasty snacks!

Turn your eggs upside down

By putting your eggs with the pointy end down they last longer. They can stay fresh long after their expiry date, apparently doing this can double the shelf life for the egg. Why? In a fresh egg, the yolk is centred in the middle of the egg and is held in place by two elastic cords. The older the egg gets, the more the cord is stretched on one side and the yolk strives upwards. The air bubble is formed at the blunt end of the egg, so if you turn the egg, the air bladder will be at the top and the contact between the upwardly floating egg yolk and the shell is prevented. That’s what's keeping it fresh longer. You should also keep them in the refrigerator, one day at room temperature equals four days in the fridge.

Isolate your apples

Apples, plums and melons, for example, ooze of etengas that causes fruit to mature faster. Keep them separated from other fruits like bananas.

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