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March 22, 2023

3 tech things we might see more in the future of grocery retail

There's a lot going on in the grocery retail industry right now. Much like the pandemic pushed innovation forward, the current situation does the same. All grocery chains struggle to keep their customers and gain new ones right now. Here are three things that chains invest in at the moment to enhance the shopping experience for their customers.

Smart carts

The smart carts are getting more smart every day. Several companies, like Amazon and Super Hii offers these carts with different smart functions. Some uses computer vision and sensors that identify items in your shopping cart. In some, you select your grocery item, scan it on one of the shopping cart's cameras, and put it in the cart. Some smart cart lets you skip the checkout line and roll the cart directly to your car. Other functions can be an attached point-of-sale card terminal that allows customers to pay for their purchases directly on the cart. I haven't seen any of these in Sweden yet so it will be interesting to see how this develops.

In-store screens

This one doesn't sound like news but A LOT is happening in this field. The content on the screens are carefully curated to fit the customer journey and the different departments, taking into account things like time specific offers. We're no strangers to this field as we have our waste screen that shows discounted goods that are nearing it's expiry date. As technology gets more advanced I think we are gonna see very interesting things happening here as well.

Retail media networks

A retail media network is when a retailer offers space on their website or app for brands to advertise. The retailer earns money on ads, and brands can reach their target audience more effectively. Retailers use this to make more money from their online presence, offer better ads to their customers, and compete with other advertising platforms like Google and Facebook. Compared to the traditional digital advertising platforms a retail media network don't have to bridge the gap between the place the ad is seen by the customer and the place where the purchase takes place. They can offer so called closed-loop marketing where the customer already are in the right place (in the shop) and mind (doing shopping).

Example of how it could look like with a waste screen
Fia Sjöström
Content Creator & Marketing specialist

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