Meny Værløse, Copenhagen

They saved 15 hours a week using our apps

Advanced date checking

Meny Værløse is located near Copenhagen in Denmark. The store is part of a chain owned by Danish retail company Dagrofa. At Meny, they care a great deal about food waste. Together with other key players in the industry they have signed the national voluntary agreement “Denmark Against Food waste”. The initiative is inspired by UN:s Sustainable Development Goal 12.3, and commits members to decrease their waste by at least 50% by 2030.


Date checking was boring

We talked to Søren Engberg at Meny Værløse who we first got in touch with in 2019. They started using parts of our digital toolbox, and by doing that they became the first store in Denmark to digitise their date checking. Before starting with us they faced the following challenges:

Boring and time consuming to manage expiry dates
Lost profit due to food waste

Food belongs on the plate, not in the bin!

– Søren Engberg Merchant, Meny Værløse

The solution

Our date checking solved their problems

Meny Værløse works with a label printer connected to our systems. They've noticed that the labels work as an eye catcher and also increases foot traffic in the store. Customers visits more often to check the reduced products. Our discount label printer allows mark down in just one click and is fully integrated in our solutions.                                                

Lost profit due to food waste

Since 2019 the store has been using our advanced date checking app. It's made their everyday work so much easier. Using our solutions has resulted in an average of 37% less food waste. The numbers vary over different departments in the store.

Boring and time consuming to manage expiry dates

The app gives the store a daily list of which products are at risk of expiring and also shows where they're found. Then they are able to catch products earlier, and also make sure that no products are left unchecked. The store personnel can easily identify products close to expiry and decrease the price. That means that more products at a risk, gets sold and finally end up at the customer’s dinner table.

It’s so easy to use! That makes it simple to quickly onboard new employees into our routines.

– Søren Engberg Merchant, Meny Værløse


They got amazing results

Reduction in food waste
Time saved using digital systems
*Compared to the same period previous year without Whywaste’s systems.

Favorite feature


The digital date checking app allows us to individualise our settings so that it fits the layout of our specific store. If you rearrange the products on the shelves it’s easy to do an indexation in the app so everything is in the right place. You can also set your own rules for how early you get a heads up. We've chosen a setting that gives us 30 days to discover the products before they expire. This means we are able to mark them down and give customers a chance to buy products at a reduced price

– Søren Engberg
Merchant, Meny Værløse

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