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ICA Kvantum Sannegården, Gothenburg

On the path to becoming a wasteless store

Advanced date checking
Deli and food safety compliance
Store production planning
Sustainability screen

Ica Kvantum Sannegården is a small hyper market with approximately 100 employees. It’s located in the urban docklands of Gothenburg, Sweden, called Lindholmen, an area known as a hub for science and innovation. We couldn’t ask for a more perfect venue to put our innovations to the test. The store is a part of the chain ICA, the Swedish market leader in grocery retail.

In 2019, we joined forces with ICA  to explore new ways to reduce food waste with original innovations and digital solutions. ICA Kvantum Sannegården was the first store to pilot our innovations, and it turned out to be very fruitful, for both of us.


Focus areas

We started out with a deep dive into the store’s waste and really getting to the bottom of where there’s room for improvement. All that information then led to a whole range of solutions to pilot. The ideas ranged from cool techy stuff like AI, computer vision and optics. To more low-tech solutions like special bags for bruised fruit and signs to raise awareness about the food waste issue. 

Time wasted on manual date checking
Static discounts
A challenge to engage customers in the food waste issue

The solution

Date checking used to be hell!

That's one way of putting it. But seriously, keeping the shelves free from expired products is a never ending job. It is also a job that depends a lot on experienced staff and good routines. ICA Kvantum Sannegården previously worked with a manual system that took time and to be honest, was no fun. Our advanced date checking app helps to make this process more fail proof and less time consuming. It’ll warn you when a product might expire, so you don’t miss them. And also, you’ll have to check a lot less products. The app is user friendly and makes a big positive impact in terms of food waste, but also in the everyday routines for the staff on the floor.

Working with Whywaste has really made mine and my colleagues' work load a whole lot easier and more efficient. They are as passionately as we are about reducing our food waste. The staff at Whywaste are always extremely helpful and always goes that extra mile to fix whatever needs fixing.

– Amanda Prates Sales manager, Deli & Fish

The right price at the right time

Our date checking system works together, in perfect harmony with our dynamic pricing tool. Many stores use static discounts for all products but that is not always optimal. With dynamic pricing you get tailor made discounts for every product, based on its unique historical data. To be able to sell those slightly bumped and bruised fruits you need to sell them at the right price. In general, there is a great motivation and a shared feeling of responsibility from customers about food waste. The products at risk get a discount and the customer can weigh the price to the imperfection. Then make a more informed decision.

With a discount label printer close to hand it's simple to print a new discount label. when doing the date checking. The solutions come highly recommended by the staff, as it really makes their jobs easier. Goodbye, old way of doing things!

We’re in this together

ICA Kvantum Sannegården was the first store in the world that used the sustainability screen. On the screen, offers automatically appear for items in the store that are at risk of being wasted. The ads generates using the data collected when using our other solutions. This helps the store to communicate their sustainability work and boost their brand image. It also helps involve customers in the work towards a more sustainable future. Excitingly, there is also a tally on how many items that have been saved so far. A great motivator for both the staff and the customer! Make sure you squeeze out all that juicy data into good use.


The efforts have truly paid off

Since ICA Kvantum Sannegården started using our solutions they have seen fantastic numbers. Reducing food waste by 40% and a 1 percentage point increase in  profitability  truly are numbers to be proud about. We strongly believe that collaboration is key to innovation. The project proves that working closely with ICA, makes it possible to take it to another level. This collaboration also strives to keep the staff and the customers at the heart of the project.

Reduction in food waste
*Compared to the same period previous year without Whywaste’s systems.

A crucial factor for achieving this great result was of course the staff. We were truly impressed by the energy and genuine interest in reducing waste we witnessed among the store personnel at Kvantum Sannegården during the project.

Kristoffer Hagstedt
CEO of Whywaste

One of our favorite features

Temperature check

A nifty thing in the Food Safety Compliance tool is that we can register temperatures, for example on grilled chickens. Then the staff knows exactly for how long they can be sold. That makes it easier to know what to front and when, to make sure all products get sold at the right time.

– Amanda Prates
Sales manager, Fish & Deli

Products in use

Product overview
Advanced date checking
Sustainability screen

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