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ICA Kvantum Bäckebol, Gothenburg

Whywaste, the obvious choice for the newly opened store

Advanced date checking
Deli and food safety compliance

There is something wildly satisfying walking into a store that hasn't even opened yet. Rows and rows of perfectly stacked food, not a single banana out of place. ICA Kvantum Bäckebol opened their doors in November 2021 and Whywaste was with them from the very start. The store is located outside of Gothenburg and has around 50 employees.

For them it was an easy decision to chose our solutions in order to get off to a running start. Both Jörgen, the merchant, Therese, the store manager and Reine Spalding, fresh produce manager have worked within the chain, ICA for many years. They all come from different stores, but all of them has worked with Whywaste in their previous stores. It was the natural choice for them. Reine Spalding tells us "There was no doubt about us choosing Whywaste”.

A fun fact is that Reine actually was the first person to ever work with our solution back in 2015 at his old workplace. A legend here at the Whywaste office! That store eventually started using a solution provided by another company, to Reines big disappointment. Gladly, since then both that store and Reine in his new store have found their way back into the Whywaste family. “If it was up to us on the store floor, that actually worked with the solutions, we would never have changed from Whywaste.” he says.

The choice fell on Whywaste because a lot of the store workers had already worked with the solutions and they all thinks it’s easy to use. I worked at Ica Maxi Kungälv before and we used Whywaste's solutions there for many years and been very happy.

– Therese Eskengren Store manager, ICA Kvantum Bäckebol


Focus areas

When opening a brand new store there are many big challenges. Especially when it comes to food waste. It takes time to get to know your new customers and their habits. What does the customer flow look like? Where is the prime location for specific products? There are many unanswered questions in the beginning. To retain your new customers, it’s extra important to set high standards. The new store need to be tip top and with no empty shelves so that you can meet expectations and retain your new customers. Meeting these demands, sadly cause more food waste than normal. Using Whywaste from the very beginning makes it possible to keep the food waste at bay and the data you get, helps to get to know your store quicker.

Setting a good standard
Saving time

The first few months, ICA Kvantum Bäckebol used a similar store’s data as forecasting and relying on another stores data is not optimal. After some time they were able to trust their own data and that made all the difference. Collecting and putting all the data to good use is very important these days.

The chain ICA, is one of the biggest food retailers in Sweden and has an overall goal to reduce their food waste by 50% until 2025. Using Whywaste’s solution will be one piece of the puzzle to reach that ambitious goal. Saving food waste is a challenge that continuously rises higher up on the agenda, all over the world.

The Process

A fail proof system

The staff uses our advanced date checking app to keep track of their products expiry dates. With digital date checking you are given a set list of the products that need a date check. That means that you only have to check the products that are at risk of becoming waste, the products that don’t appear on the list don’t need to be checked. When the staff do the date checking rounds they also have a connected label printer that prints markdown labels as they go.

Even if you put in a date incorrectly, there will be a warning that it is probably wrong, because even if the digitization of the date checking is good, it can go a little too fast sometimes and you make a mistake, then it is good that the system senses how it usually is and warns if something stands out.


Huge time savings

The biggest difference between working without Whywaste’s solutions is time. The time ICA Kvantum Bäckebol saves with digital date checking is huge. “Before it would take a whole day to do the date checks. Now it takes 3 hours. That's a huge difference and time is money.” Reine says.

There is nothing that doesn't work with this solution!

– Reine Spalding Fresh produce manager, ICA Kvantum Bäckebol

Tip from the store!

One thing we do is pre-work. If you're having a slower day than normal, you can precheck the next day and make your co-workers happy! It’s easy to just pick up where the previous person stopped before you without any confusion.

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