Reduce your food waste and get 1200% ROI

Sounds like magic? We know. But our range of digital solutions really reduce your food waste. And reducing it saves you a scary amount of money.

Retailers using our date checking

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Digital solutions to reduce food waste. That actually work

Take control over your markdowns and waste

Our toolbox

Read about the tools

Advanced date checking
Deli and food safety compliance
Store production planning
Marketing engine and sustainability screen
Dynamic pricing and intelligent markdowns
Advanced date checking
Deli and food safety compliance
Store production planning
Marketing engine and sustainability screen
Dynamic pricing and intelligent markdowns
WhyWaste-Advanced date checking
whywaste-Deli and food safety compliance
whywaste--Store production planning
whywaste-Sustainability screen and marketing engine
whywaste-Dynamic pricing and intelligent discounts

All solutions works seamleassly with relevant store hardware

Use your hardware with our solutions and get supercharged

whywaste Discount label printers

Label printers

Integrated discount printers allows mark down with just 1 click

whywaste Deli price card printers

Price card printers

Print price cards for your food counter in less than 10 seconds

whywaste -Electronic shelf labels

Electronic shelf labels

Our solutions are fully integrated with Electronic Shelf Labels

whywaste In store screen promotion

In store screens

You can automatically promote expiring products while  informing about food waste

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Powered by artificial intelligence

Our tools give you


Using advanced analytics and machine learning sounds great. However it is only relevant when people are actually able to use it. So, we integrated it behind the scenes in our tools. It powers the applications and guides you to make smart descisions. However, most user will not even know it is there. A superhero in disguise.

WhyWaste SuperHero

Decrease in food waste

Stores using all our solutions, decreases their food waste with 50% on average.


Time saved per store and month

Depending on the store size, of course, but stores saves a lot of time going digital.


Return on investment

All our customers see a high ROI using our solution. It should be profitable to reduce food waste.

Stora Coop, Visby

A case about Sweden's most sustainable store

With Whywaste you get results

If you don't get results. It is probably you.

Why are thousands of stores using our solutions? Because we understand food retail from the bottom up. We did our research. Our solutions will reduce your food waste and save you money. They also make everyones job easier. Read about how we help stores become the best versions of theirselves.

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We live, breath and eat food waste. We have seen some bad bananas. In too many stores (thousands). So, we’ve become experts on how to minimize food waste. We believe this knowledge should be shared.

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Stories & tips

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