Invafresh acquires Whywaste to strenghten sustainability capabilities

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Retailers using our Solutions

Your digital solution to food waste

Our suite of tools decrease food waste and increase profitability for stores all over the world. Try our calculator and see for yourself how much you can save with our solutions.

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Retailers using Smart Markdowns
Retailers using our Solutions

Manage the whole markdown and waste process

Digital tools that lets you take control of your food waste

Advanced Date Checking

4x faster expiration date checking

Our app gives you a heads up when a product is about to expire. You will check a lot less products and still never miss a single one.

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Smart Markdowns

Get 17% more money from discounted products

A smarter way to discount products using AI to calculate the optimal price for each item.

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Product Marketing

Brag about your markdowns and show them off

Automatically publish your markdowns on an in-store screen or on popular consumer apps. Make sure your customers never miss a great deal. And show that you care about food waste.

Donation Platform

Donating your food is as easy as 1-2-3

We take care of the boring tracability work needed. Our systems send all data to whatever person or charity that needs it. Your colleagues just need to confirm the shipment of food love.

Business Intelligence

Be 100% sure all your stores are compliant

See the status of your chains markdown process on a dashboard. Find out if a store or department is not doing their markdowns or date checking. Also get warning lists on products often wasted. Or find product that often are out of stock.

Combined you get one full solution to fight food waste

Advanced Date Checking
Smart Markdowns
Product Marketing
Donation Platform
Business Intelligence

In 15 years of delivering projects for ASDA, we have never had such good implementation, and positive feedback from the store teams

- Andrew Hudson, Markdowns & Waste Process Manager ASDA

If you don't get results like these. It's probably you


less waste

By ensuring you always find products before they expire and that you set the price that gets it sold


more revenue from discounts

Setting the optimal discount make sure you get maximal profit and still get the product sold


less time checking dates

From only checking products that actually have to be checked

Learn from the success of others

Stora Coop Visby just won Most sustainable store in Sweden. You can be just like them

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Additional digital solutions

Reduce waste and save time in all areas of your store

Deli & Food Safety Compliance solution

Make your deli counter efficient & 100% compliant

Keeping track of all open food products in our app ensures your deli counter is always compliant with local regulations. Not using pen and paper will save you up to 10 hours weekly. You’ll also remove any staff dependence, reduce food waste and get a clear overview of all your opened food.

Store Production Planning solution

Increase shelf availability of your store produced products

Produce the right amount of the right product at the right time. It’s just as easy as it sounds. Our production planning uses the most advanced forecasting available. You will be as smart as Google or Facebook with your in store production.


Seamlessly works with your existing hardware

We work with retailers across the whole world. They all use different hardware. For different purposes. And our solution work for all of them. So you can be safe that all our solutions work with your existing hardware, be it ESLs, Zebra Handhelds or label printers.

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We live, breathe and eat food waste. We've been to thousands of stores and our share of good and bad bananas. So, we’ve become experts on how to minimize food waste and we believe this knowledge should be shared.

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